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This area boasts some of the most beautiful land in the nation. Perfect for those who enjoy the rugged outdoors and a spectacular view—along with basic necessities, such as schools, banking, and utility services.

Durango is proud of its diverse culture with a really broad spectrum of lifestyles. People are drawn to Durango from all over the country and the world. Durango, Colorado, is tucked away in the southwestern corner of Colorado. It is positioned between the Animas River Valley and the San Juan Mountains. With a population of 18,000, this charming town offers a mixture of frontier spirit, natural beauty and friendly folks. The town of Durango is in La Plata County, which has an overall population of 54,000.

Durango enjoys an ideal four season climate with temperatures varying year-round. Durango also rests in one of the most beautiful areas in Southwest Colorado.

Winter temperatures range from an average low of 13 degrees Fahrenheit to an average high of 47 degrees Fahrenheit. One of Durango’s best assets is its snowfall with an average of 69 inches per year. Because of low elevation and great solar exposure though (300 days of sunshine per year), snow removal is only an occasional chore of manageable size. At higher elevations, like Purgatory Resort, snowfall averages 250 inches per year.

SPRING brings warmer weather with rain (annual precipitation of 19 in. per year) to brighten up greening lawns and high country meadows.

Summer temperatures average around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, often ranging from 70-90 degrees Farenheit. Rivers stay relatively full in the summer due to deep snow accumulation in the surrounding mountains.

Fall days are cool and dry, perfect for a mountain hike or drive to see the golden aspen and red-orange scrub oak.

State Income Tax
Tax rate is 4.75% of taxable income.Sales & Use Tax
Tax totals 7.9% and is comprised of 2.9% state, 2% county, and 3% city.

Lodging Tax
A tax of 2% is collected on all lodging properties in the county and city.

Durango School District 9-R
201 E. 12th St.
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 247-5411

Durango School District 9-R serves the community through 11 schools, including 1 comprehensive high school, 2 middle schools, 7 elementary schools, and the Exel Charter School for 6th through 12th grade students. Enrollment has remained steady for the past few years at 4,500 students.

Adult Education Center Inc.
701 Camino del Rio, Suite 301
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 385-4354

Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Dr.
Durango, CO 81301
(877) 352-2656

Fort Lewis College is a four-year, fully accredited, liberal arts institution and a member of the Colorado State University System. Fort Lewis has 24 degree programs with an enrollment of approximately 3,789 students.The campus sits on 247 acres overlooking Durango with 1,409 students living on campus in 8 residencial communities and apartment complexes.

Atmos Energy Corporation
801 Florida Rd.
Durango, CO 81301
(888) 286-6700
(970) 247-3813

Basin Propane
225 1/2 East 8th
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 247-0055

La Plata Electric Association Inc.
45 Stewart St.
Durango, CO 81303
(970) 247-5786

City of Durango
949 E. 2nd Ave.
Durango, CO 81303
Electric- (970) 247-2681
Sewer- (970) 375-5000
Trash- (970) 375-5004
Water- (970)375-5034

Durango Transfer Station
790 Tech Center Dr.
Durango, CO 81303
(907) 259-2915

Durango Water Services
105 Sawyer Dr.
Durango, CO 81303
(970) 375-4800

Southwestern Water
841 E 2nd Ave.
Durango, CO 81303
(970) 247-1320

Bresnan Communications
146 E. 15th St.
Durango, CO 81301
(877) 273-7626

High Country Wire & Telephone
862 Main Ave. #4
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 247-8163

AllTel Communications
82 Bodo Drive
Durango, CO 81303
(970) 247-3111

679 East 2nd Street E1
Durango, CO 81303
(970) 516-0044

Charter Communications
146 E 15th St.
Durango, CO 81303
(888) 438-2427

2800 Main Ave.
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 385-4499

Colorado Driver’s License
329 S Camino Del Rio #A
Durango, CO 81303

La Plata County Government DMV
98 Everett St.
Durango, CO 83101
(970) 382-7075

Post Office
222 W. 8th St.
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 247-3434

Public Library
1900 E 3rd Ave.
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 375-3380

Colorado Capital Bank
Bank of Colorado
Community Banks Of Colorado
First Southwest Bank Alpine Bank
Bank of San Juans
First National Bank of Durango
Pine River Valley Bank

Durango Herald
1275 Main Ave.
Durango, CO 81303
(970) 247-3504

Durango Telegraph
1039 E Third Ave. #25
Durango, CO 81303
(970) 259-0448

Durango Chamber of Commerce
(970) 264-2360

Durango Sheriff
(970) 247-1157

Durango State Patrol
(970) 385-1675

Southwest Women’s Health Associates
575 Rivergate Ln.
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 247-0042

Mercy Medical Center
1010 Three Springs Blvd.
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 247-4311

Durango Cancer Center
1 Mercado St #100
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 385-4746